Our specialised mowing equipment gives Al Fresco the edge when it comes to tough mowing tasks
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Al Fresco has invested in the best quality mowing equipment in order to efficiently handle the most demanding mowing tasks.

GRILLO  Mower: When it comes to mowing grass that is flat, nearly all ride-on mowers are up to the task. But when you add in 40 degree slopes or you want to mow long, dense grass with gorse or scrub it’s quite a different matter. That’s where our GRILLO Mower comes into play. It will take down waist-high grass with ease. This machine will also mow on side slopes where other mowers would tip over. The relatively narrow deck width means that it doesn’t scalp the grass on rolling terrain and can slip down into narrow spaces and between shrubs with ease. The GRILLO also has dual wheels to make it safe on slopes. Cutting capacity: Up to  6000 m2 hr – Check out the image below of Andrew on the GRILLO simply powering through waist high grass!

Cross Jet 4 wheel drive slasher mower: Is perfect for mowing neglected or rough terrain where traction can be compromised, eg slopes, undulations or wet conditions. It will cut high grass, brush, blackberry, gorse, thistles & most overgrown & out of control vegetation. See the Cross Jet in action in the video below.

The Walker Mower  has a 42″ catching deck and a 62″ side discharge deck, which covers large areas quickly & efficiently.  The WALKER mowers compact size & manoeuvrability allow efficient mowing of small to large lawns, places that other mowers simply wont fit. Virtually any area that can be mowed with a conventional mower can be mown  faster & more easily with a WALKER, due to their advanced & superior design. WALKER mowers are rated the worlds best zero turn mower, which is why we use them. The WALKER will give you a manicured finish that only a WALKER can.


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